Aid Stations

Aid Stations

Runners celebrate as they reach the middle aid station on the descent

There are three aid stations on the course. Since the course is out and back, you will pass two of the aid stations twice, so over the 15.5 miles, runners will have the opportunity for water and Gatoraide 5 times.

Bottom Aid Station (#1)
The bottom aid station is located at the fenceline, after climbing through Owl Canyon and past the Duck Ponds. It is located at about 5.75 km into the run and is stocked with water and gatoraide.

Middle Aid Station (#2)
The middle aid station is located a little past the halfway point on the uphill, at about 9 km. It is located on a short flat of limestone outcropping, under the “power line” just before beginning the climb up devils staircase. The aid station is stocked with water and Gatoraide.

Top Aid Station (#3)
The top aid station is located at the turn-around, 13.5 km (~8.5 miles) into the run and at the top of Pilot Hill. Along with water and Gatoraide, runners can also replenish themselves with cookies and M & Ms before the descent.


A good dousing is a well-deserved reward for reaching the top

Middle Aid Station (#4)
The second time around for the middle aid station, now at the halfway point through the descent (roughly 18 km into the run). Runners may need the water or Gatoraide provided or maybe the first-aid after having just descended off of Devil’s Staircase.


Bottom Aid Station (#5)
Runners last chance to get some water prior to the last 2 mile run to the finish (aid station is at roughly 21.5 km). Usually it is hot by the time runners pass through here, and a quick cup of water or Gatoraide helps over the last mile across the flats.

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