New in 2010, HPH began certifying courses through the USA Track and Field Association.  Course certifications are good for 10 years, but require no change to the course over that period, changes to a certified course require a new certification. Certified races increase the prestige of your event and are eligible for to be used as ‘qualifying races’ for larger races that require a certified course. Certified courses are also eligible for state and regional championship races. Southeast Wyoming has very few certified courses.  Offering a certified race course allows runners to know that the 5K (or other distance) they are running is truly a 5K and not 5.1K or 4.9K.

Costs for certifying a course are variable, depending on the distance and location of the course. Expect that the cost will be around $250 to certify a 5k in Laramie. Course certifiers along the Front Range charge $500-$1000 to certify a race course in Laramie.  For distances over 5k, a typical charge is $50 per mile to certify a course.  HPH will provide course certification services outside of Laramie as well.  Contact to discuss certifying your course.