Send an email to HPH events to have your event listed on the HPH racing calendar. The events will be listed on our yearly calendar (2010) and added to “upcoming events” on the HPH web page as race/event day approaches. There is no charge for listing your event. Website links, email contact, and/or registration information will included, if provided by the event director.

Every listing should have at a bare minimum:

  • Name of event
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Type/distance
  • Contact name/website

HPH typically lists running events only, although cycling and/or mixed (duathalons and triathalons) are certainly appropriate. Listings are generally for events in southeast Wyoming, but any event that requests listing and is within a few hours drive will be listed.

HPH reserves the right to not list any race that may conflict/compete directly with a scheduled HPH event.

HPH publishes the list of its races in early January.  We ask local race directors to consult the yearly calendar before deciding on a date for your event. Most/all HPH races have a “standard” day for that event:

  • Jackalope: 1st Sat in april
  • Pilot Hill: 1st Sat following memorial day
  • Adam Towler: 3rd Sat in July
  • Jelm Mountain: 3rd Sat in September
  • I Love Life: 1st Sat in October
  • Silent Trails: 2nd Sat in October

Following the publication of the HPH races that year, HPH will send an email to past race directors of non-HPH races to solicit plans for events the upcoming year. That is a good time to “reserve” your event date for the year!