HPH has a printing stopwatch that can be used to time events. Generally, the club provides the stopwatch to organizations who wish to time their own events at no cost.

HPH also provides a “full-service” timing of your event. This uses equipment purchased and owned by HPH and commercially available software to track and time event participants. The cost for this service depends on the complexity and duration of the event. Typical fees for a 5K are $250. Money raised through the timing of events is returned to HPH and used to buy equipment to support other local events.

Included in the fee is the following:
(a) electronic entry of participant information into the HPH computers for tracking and timing,
(b) timing of all participants with printed results in “near real time” including intermediate results during the race (ie results for finishers prior to the time when all finishers have crossed the line),
(c) electronic copy of “official results” within 12 hours of completion of your event (this can be in a standard text file, spreadsheet form, or pdf),
(d) assuming an event in SE and of general interest to the Laramie running community, results will be posted on the HPH website, typically within 24 hours of the completion of the event, and
(e) at least 1 HPH-trained person to direct the timing effort (NOTE you will still need to supply volunteers to work the finish line and registration; number of volunteers depends on complexity of event and number of entrants).

Event directors are encouraged to contact HPH early to request timing of your event (or use of the stopwatch). Our ability to time your event depends, in part, on our ability to supply a trained volunteer to coordinate the effort.

Final determination of whether HPH will time an event and the cost HPH will charge is a decision of the HPH committee. Cost will be determined based on size and complexity of the event.

Click Here to view the current year HPH timing calendar