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UPDATED 04/07/15:  The Forest Service is re-opening the Upper Tie City Camp Ground in summer, 2015.  I have been advised by Forest Service personnel, in no uncertain terms, that that re-opening means that the Silent Trails Memorial Race can not include the segment of dirt road where the race traditionally starts/finishes.  Nor will the race course be allowed to include any segment of road/trail through the camp ground area.  Alternatives are being considered.  Please stay tuned.

UPDATED 10/12/14:  The 2014 edition of the Silent Trails Memorial Race is now in the books.  Thanks to all the competitors who made the event a success.  We hope that each of you is able to join us again in October, 2015.

Congratulations to the champions:

Overall Men’s Winner: Jason Delaney in 1:06:57 (mere seconds off his 2006 course record of 1:06:13.)

Overall Women’s Winner: Abi Bever in 1:27:36

Master’s Men’s Winner: Mikell Platt in 1:19:38

Master’s Women’s Winner: Jeanette Flaig in 1:33:12

Complete results: http://www.highplainsharriers.org/results/2014/SILENTTRAILS_2014_OVERALL.HTM

Age group results: http://www.highplainsharriers.org/results/2014/SILENTTRAILS_2014_AGEGRP.HTM

Photographs now posted, courtesy of Wendy Perkins.  (Thanks, Wendy!):


We wish to thank the families of the eight young men we remember and honor when we compete at Silent Trails for their ongoing support and encouragement.  We wish to thank all the volunteers who worked to make the race efficient and enjoyable.  Finally, we wish to again thank our sponsors: HoneyWagon Sanitation Pumping and CPA Group of Laramie, LLC.  Their generosity made our race possible.

Stay well.  Keep on running.

Please view the “History” page to learn why ours is such a special race.