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UPDATE: 07/14/2016: The Forest Service has requested that the race start/finish at the Happy Jack Trail Head, which is located a couple of miles downhill from the traditional start/finish at the Tie City Trail Head.  At present, discussion continues as to what that request means for this year’s race.

NB:  If you are planning on traveling a significant distance to run the race, please *do not* yet purchase plane tickets, hotel rooms, etc. until an update is posted here confirming race specifics.  Thank you.

UPDATE 06/12/2016:  The 2016 edition of the Silent Trails Memorial Race is scheduled for Saturday, October 8, 2016.  (Yes, that’s correct.  It’s the same day on which the defending Ivy League champion Dartmouth Big Green football team will be playing Yale in New Haven.  If you can’t make it to the game, consider racing with us.)

However, I am still awaiting word from the Forest Service as to whether we’ll be allowed to run the race as we have in years past.  I will update this site when I know more.  Please do check this site occasionally.

UPDATE 10/11/2015:  The 2015 edition of the Silent Trails Memorial Race has been completed.  Foremost, we wish to thank the competitors who make the race what it is.  We also wish to thank the volunteers, sponsors, and family members who made the event a success.

Overall Men’s Champion:  Austin Huff (1:12:50)

Overall Women’s Champion: Ella DeWolf (1:24:56)

Masters Men’s Champion: Pete Stevenson (1:19:07)

Masters Women’s Champion: Cinthy Carson (1:37:03)

Overall Results: http://www.highplainsharriers.org/results/2015/SILENTTRAILS_2015_OVERALL.HTM

Age Group Results: http://www.highplainsharriers.org/results/2015/SILENTTRAILS_2015_AGEGRP.HTM

We wish you health, happiness, and fitness in the upcoming year.  We look forward to your joining us in October, 2016 for the 15th annual running of the Silent Trails Memorial Race.