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Registration for the 2013 Edition of Silent Trails is FINALLY OPEN on Active.com at:


and print registrations can be found on the Registration page.

Important NEW information:

After over a decade as the event director for Silent Trails, I am passing the torch for the time being to Dr. Dan “Doughboy” Radosevich! Dan is a former teammate on the UW Cross Country team, and I can’t think of a better guy to lead the race onwards. He has a new, no frills, get back to the basics ethic for the race that I think fits really well with our guiding principle: We want to have a race that The Eight would want to run in. In Dan’s words:

Hereafter, most of aspects of the race will remain the
same:  We’ll always gather on the morning
of the second Saturday in October to run the course that Cowboys and Cowgirls
became so familiar with while running for Wyoming.  Given that the only reward that Wyoming
runners expected to receive after completing the circuit in training was a
drink of lukewarm water and words of encouragement from Coach Sanchez, I want
to keep to a minimum the trappings of tokenism that have crept into most other
races.  I intend to offer few awards, few
prizes, few souvenirs, and a rock-bottom entry fee.  On the other hand, camaraderie and mirth
we’ll continue to have in abundance.

So here is your heads up. Come with your race face on. Registration is $5!!! There will be aid stations, cash prizes (see the Race Information Page) and this year there will be some shwag from prior races. We will still have some eats after the race and a well marked and timed course.

Most importantly, we come together to remember those that will not have the chance to ‘Come Run With Us’.


Race Information

Date: October 12, 2013

Race Start: 9:00 am

Location: Upper Tie City Campground